Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'Crystal P.' (Caricature)

This is a caricature of a childhood friend of mine named Crystal.  I think the my favorite part of caricaturing is adding the color--it really brings out the unique features of a person's face.  Obviously, it's important to get all the shapes right and properly exaggerated, but to me, it's the combination of light and shadow that interacts with the hills and valleys of the figure's muscles and bones that really "show" you what someone looks like.  Like my friend here, we are all beautiful--so many wonderful variations of features and smiles!  God is good--and you don't really get to see how wonderful His creations are (human beings) until you take the time to OBSERVE them--really SEE them.  Drawing is one of God's gifts to us to help us do this.:)

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