Monday, October 25, 2010

'African goddess: Chibi-Style'(Painted)

I originally drew this as an art trade for my fellow artist-in-arms, Jeffrey White a.k.a JDubb(If you haven't checked out his art blog--do it already!  His stuff is genius!).  I had planned to digitally-paint it a long while ago, but college caught up with me, and I ended putting it off a lot longer than I intended.  I decided to do Astonishing X-Men member Storm in a superdeformed(chibi) style.  

As far as the coloring process goes--this one turned out to be surprisingly difficult.  The initial attempt was thwarted at the flats stage, when my old computer couldn't handle the strain, and crashed under the MB weight of the file.  Eventually, I was able to clear enough space out to make room for it, but it took me a few days to complete.  This was partly because I took a different route as far as technique, deciding to use the polygonal lasso sparingly, as I got lazy and didn't want to trace everything.  I quickly found out that using the lasso is by far, the LESSER evil! lol

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the final product, and I'm hoping to create my own visual brand through the combination of my disgustingly-stylistic doodles and my Brian Steelfreeze-inspired painting chops.

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