Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'Stan Lee Caricature'(FanFare 2010)

My wife and I attended the Detroit Fanfare Comic Con on October 30th.  Guess who the Guest of Honor was...?  You guessed it--Stan "The Man" Lee!  I mean, I've dreamt of meeting this guy since I was like, seven years old.  I imagined it would never happen, but 'lo and behold, I got my chance--and he didn't dissappoint.  Not only did I get to meet him (who, btw, is very nice, funny, and amazingly fit for his age), but was also able to take a photograph with him, and get a print of this caricature I drew signed BY him.  Cool, right?

I ended up meeting a lot of great creators while I was there--all of which were extremely nice and kind enough to share their knowledge on the business and the art of making comics.  The group of them really inspired me to continue pursuing my storytelling passion.  Super Thank Yous go out to Thom Zahler, Christopher Sanchez, Dirk Manning, and Mike Okamoto--all phenomenal talents that you should check out if you haven't already!  God Bless them.

And thanks, Stan--meeting you was just as cool and inspiring as I thought it'd be.  God Bless you as well.  Excelsior! :D


  1. Thank you very much, Jeff! I checked out your blog--you have been blessed with amazing talent, and that's amazing with a capital "A"! I'm following you now so, keep up the phenomenal work!:D