Friday, November 26, 2010

'Father & Sons' (Birthday Gift)

I completed this for the purpose of giving it to my mother as a gift for her birthday this year.  From left to right; myself, my late father Walter Langley Sr., and my little brother Joshua Mobley.  My father passed away from a massive heart attack five years ago, and my mother still misses him every day.  So do I and my brother.  So do my other half-brothers, for that matter.  I actually did each portrait separately, from pencil to inks to digital paint--and then I pieced the the three of us together and added a background.  I chose the stars in the night sky as a symbolic representation of the ethereal, the heavenly--the realm beyond man's grasp.  The realm of God, man's ultimate creator, and master of his fate.  My mother ended up loving the gift--I presented her with a 11x17 copy, framed.  I have an aspiration to add my other three brothers to this drawing--I think my dad would've loved having a drawing of himself along with his five sons!

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