Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I actually drew this image down in TN while visiting family, just like the Randy Orton.  I'm a huge fan of The Matrix mythos, and I've wanted to do a parody drawing featuring my character Oktopus for a long while now.  

This started out as sketch, and I opted to finish it up.  Once I returned to Michigan, I colored the piece and added to my portfolio.  I'm planning to do future Matrix parodies featuring Okto, maybe even including some of his supporting cast as well.  The "there is no Spongebob" line is an homage to the "there is no spoon" line in the original Matrix film--as Oktopus is an all-ages(and aquatic) character, and will more than likely be in direct competition with characters like  Spongebob. :D  

If you like Spongebob, don't take this personally.  It's just a joke.:)

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