Tuesday, August 24, 2010

'Randy Orton Caricature' (World Wrestling Entertainment)

My brother and I have been Sports-Entertainment (Pro Wrestling) fans ever since we were kids, and although I'm not nearly as impressed with the talent/creativity of the new guys as much as I was with the old-school guys, I still have a few favorites.  Randy Orton happens to be one of those favorites.

This drawing was actually done as an entry into WWE magazine's Fan Art of the Month contest.  While I was vacationing down in my home state of TN, I discovered through my brother's copy of the magazine that they were having an art contest, with a dvd giveaway highlighting a WWE Legend as the prize.  I've never entered anything like this before, and I'm hoping to get an honorable mention if nothing else! The "split-face" motif is an homage to the wrestler's nickname--The Viper.  I grayed out most of the color a tad bit--I only left the eyes of both the man and the serpent a pure tone, in order to draw the onlooker's eyes into theirs(his).

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