Monday, August 30, 2010

'School's In!'

Hey all, just started another semester at SVSU today--I'm majoring in Social Work, btw.  Making a point to pursue that bachelor degree--but the road is LONG.  I actually do have a degree already--I have an Associate degree from a two-year art college I graduated from waaaay back in 2003.  I wish I could say that degree has been of some use, but it hasn't at all!  What's worse is that when I first applied at SVSU, I had attempted to have my graphic arts credits transferred--to no avail!  Turns out the art college was not accredited.  Bummer.  I'm really enjoying the social work path, though--and I'm hoping a career will come of it.  Scratch that.  I'm hoping AND praying!  Keep me in your prayers.  Cheers.:)

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